Mild Cleansing Shampoo

Hair Care Series | Hair Care

FANCL "Mild Cleansing Hair Series" nourishes your hair from the roots. Featuring a blend of amino acid cleansing and restoring ingredients, this shampoo contains no preservatives, fragrance and other cleansing agents such as SLS and SLES that can irritate the scalp. It can help keep your hair clean, refreshed, and nourished without leaving it sticky. Added natural essence oils leave your hair with a natural scent.

Benefit : Removes dirt while moisture is retained. Provides nutrients for scalp & hair, leaving them clean & healthy.
Size : 250mL x 1 bottle
Ingredient :
How to Use : First, wet your hair and scalp with warm water. Then, add water to shampoo to produce foam. Apply the foam to hair and scalp for thorough cleansing. Rinse after use.