Pore Cover Base

Base Make Up | Skin Care Base

All-new Pore Cover Base perfectly conceals enlarged pores and rough skin with one easy swipe, instantly smoothing out pores around your cheeks and the T-zone.

Benefit : Concealing pores and flaws, smoothing out the skin and controlling oil, keeping the skin around the T-zone fresh and supple.
Size :
Ingredient : Pore Concealing Formula, Fresh Moist Collagen, Pore Smoothing Ingredients (Rooibos Extract, Hydroxyproline), Amur Cork Tree Bark Extract, Aqua Lucent Sheer Veil
How to Use : After skin care regimen or applying make up base, squeeze an appropriate amount (approximately 2 rice grains) on the back of your palm, and gently pat on the areas with rough and enlarged pores with your fingertips.