BC Beauty Concentrate

If you want to defy the years, you need a highly effective anti-aging essence. FANCL's platinum "BC Beauty Concentrate" can instantly revive the fine lines around the eyes and wrinkles like the laugh lines, offering improvements on the skin’s hydration and texture. With multiple anti-aging ingredients like the "Rose Revitalizing Extract", it invigorates the collagen renewal cycle, removes the old cells and thereby makes room for new collagen. Your skin will reborn and become firm and bouncy.

Benefit : The "Rose Revitalizing Extract" derived from Rosa Damascena, with "Grape Bud Extract" and "Rice Bran Extract", the formula invigorates the collagen renewal cycle to rejuvenate your skin, effectively improving the skin’s elasticity. The "Revitalizing Yeast Extract" and "Inositol" can enhance the skin's restorative power to repair wrinkles, leaving your skin smooth and flawless.
Size : 18mL x 1 bottle
Ingredient : Rose Revitalizing Extract, Grape Bud Extract, Revitalizing Yeast Extract, Inositol, Rice Bran Extract, Mallow Flower Extract
How to Use : Put 2 pumps of BC Beauty Concentrate into palm and apply thoroughly to face. The backside indicator turns red with 7-10 uses left.